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Friday, January 24, 2020

Talk to and drink water

Talk to and drink water, ask to heal you, water remembers your thought and fulfills the thought and you will be healed!

Your children's photo carries a charge!

Your children's photo carries a charge! Scan it and send it to me, and I will make a healing sound out of it for you! Listening every day you will be healed of all diseases, you will feel great strength and youth! Your teeth will grow! In older women, the ability to bear children returns, the menstrual cycle returns! I will do it for you for $ 1350, agree that this is a very low price for the perfect happiness that you have long lost! Write me on Telegram for a better understanding! @RaSashka

Friday, November 22, 2019

No matter where you are, I can work with you remotely via telepathic communication

No matter where you are, I can work with you remotely via telepathic communication! To do this, make a short video of 10-15 seconds, where you slowly sit down, as in the sample below. Then send this video to my Telegram - @ RaSasashka. And soon you will feel the impact, your change for the better!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

RSashka healer mage.

I bring you healing ...   RSashka healer mage.

Do you want to live well ?! Choose your own problems, solving which, you will get the maximum profit! Any problems bring some kind of result to your life - the fruits, you cannot choose the result, we cannot choose the good, but we can choose the bad - difficulties. It's simple, choose the problems that you can solve and which will lead you to the desired result!

Write a message and a return electronic address, make a payment and immediately start working with you!

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